The Right Size for Your Firm with Technology You'll Never Outgrow

Express Technologies offers three different LoadTech platforms to fit your company's size and requirements:

Enterprise Platform (for large and diversified logistics enterprises)
Corporate Platform (for established and mid-sized operations)
WorkGroup Platform (for emerging and growing companies)

For smaller emerging growth firms, the WorkGroup Platform provides enterprise-class power at an appropriate scale — with unlimited growth opportunity.

With the Corporate Platform, LoadTech delivers a significant step up for established firms and mid-sized operations — across the scope of your business, or within a few divisions or a subsidiary.

In the Enterprise Platform, LoadTech serves large, globally diversified and publicly-traded transportation firms. Multi-company, multi-division, multi-line-of-business, multi-movetype features draw your disparate organization together. Supporting high transactions, LoadTech's strength also integrates with your existing systems.

We also serve private equity, venture capital and merger partners who wish to integrate their logistics acquisitions and transportation holdings cohesively — in advance of, or after, an IPO or acquisition.

Because LoadTech is so flexible, you easily can mix and match modules and solutions from various platforms.

Contact us today, and we can recommend the LoadTech solution that is right for you.