Built for Inter-operability and Collaboration

LoadTech is designed from the ground up to integrate with other systems, both within your company, as well as with your customers, vendors and partners. LoadTech supports:

Any-to-Any (A2A) Translation, Integration and Communication
Multi-enterprise to Multi-enterprise (ME2ME) Collaboration
Business-rules, Enforcements, Validations, Calculations and Behaviors
Security (user, role, enterprise, location, provider and field value levels)

Every day, LoadTech systems integrate internally, externally and bi-directionally to:

Accounting and Payroll
Financial Management
Business Intelligence (BI)
Warehouse (WMS) Systems
Purchase Order Systems
Data Warehouses
HR Systems
Proprietary/Legacy Systems
Banking and ACH
EDI Mapping/Translation
Rating Engines
Mileage Engines
Cost Accounting Systems
Inventory Systems
Optimization Engines
A/R and A/P
MRP Systems
Document Imaging
Maintenance Programs
Prophesy Mileage
Fuel Cards
Fuel Tax
Satellite and In-cab
and more...

LoadTech integration is smart, secure and automated. Whether LoadTech modules handle your full enterprise or just one division or small line of business, you get a system that fits in with, and improves, your upstream and downstream flow of data. We've planned for it!

Contact us today to learn more about how LoadTech integration fits you.