LoadTech is Affordable for All Companies

ExpressTech offers the flexibility of numerous financing and acquisition options. We ensure that you come online at an appropriate investment with affordable terms.

These flexible acquisition options offer tax advantages, conserve cash flow, and solve CapEx issues. They can cover all aspects of acquisition, including hardware, software, training, implementation and Logistics Data Center support.

Traditional Licensing and Implementation
Perpetual, traditional license and implementation services at affordable terms

Lease-to-own traditional licensing and implementation in one affordable monthly payment
24, 36, 48 or 60 month plans, plus custom terms to meet your needs

Traditional Financing
24, 36, 48, or 60 month plans, plus custom terms to meet your needs
Conserve cash flow and accelerate benefits at competitive rates

Purchase+Plus (lease or finance)
You purchase part of the system up front and lease-to-own the balance
Manage your cash flow and tax/CapEx needs to your advantage

LoadTech Software-as-a-Service
Transactional Monthly Options

Operate your LoadTech system in our data center on a per-shipment and/or per-user basis

Flat Monthly and Rental Fee Options
Gain the power of LoadTech at a flat monthly SAAS or rental fee

Custom Terms
Mix and match the above along with application hosting and Logistics Data Center support

Note: We also provide terms that facilitate private equity, venture capital, SPAC and merger partners who wish to integrate acquisitions and transportation organizations cohesively in advance of, or after, an IPO or buy and hold acquisition.

Contact us today to learn more about how ExpressTech makes LoadTech affordable.