Data Center

A Complete Turnkey Solution with Industrial Strength

The Logistics Data Center is a state-of-the-art turnkey facility to host your LoadTech system. We provide the servers, infrastructure, telecomm, storage and backup for an affordable monthly fee.

At the Logistics Data Center, the idea is simple:

LoadTech is enterprise-grade logistics software that you can put to work without the expense of buying and managing expensive and complicated network hardware. Your entire organization can use it worldwide with just an Internet connection.

Faster, safer, more reliable and capable networking
Unlimited growth and expansion
High availability, uptime and redundancy
Protected DRP and backup
Full technical support and sustainability
Monitoring 24/7/365
Hardened facility and data security
Secure technology future and obsolescence protection
Leveragable investment and economies of scale
Financial/tax advantages (expensable or depreciable, depending on your needs)
Greater capability at lower investment

Download the Logistics Data Center PDF

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