Benefits and ROI

LoadTech Gives You a Competitive Edge

In today's world, your shippers focus on what you bring to the table in terms of technology. Not only do you need to meet service-level commitments, you must be able to satisfy your shippers' expectations regarding your technological capabilities. Transportation and logistics firms that invest in LoadTech gain a competitive advantage.

A Unique Value Proposition
Broad and deep transportation features (from specialized to diversified)
Intelligent, rules-based approach that fits the way you move freight
Meets and exceeds both internal goals and your customers' requirements
Scalable systems architecture that provides long-term growth solutions
Flexible upgrade path, secure IT future
Agile and nimble to adapt to current and future requirements
Unmatched expertise in people and process
Security of 20+ years of expert implementation and integration

Because LoadTech is a vast transportation and logistics software engine — the only one of its kind — its intelligent, agile and scalable rules-based technology easily fits your practices, policies, procedures and business requirements.

How will LoadTech Deliver ROI?
Operational and dispatch efficiency (do more with less)
Say "yes" to customer requirements with confidence
Integrate all lines of your business
Routing, rating and carrier selection intelligence
High transaction, scalable, long-term growth
Differentiate yourself in the marketplace via competitive advantage
Decision support and business intelligence
Empower your IT staff
Fast adoption by employees
Quality improvements/quantitative results
Streamline process, practice and policy
Accurate real-time operational and financial info
Measure and improve internal/external costs and KPI's
Multi-company, multi-division, multi-line-of-business, multi-movetype cohesion
Agent recruitment/attraction/retention
Nobody does EDI better than ExpressTech
Employee and driver attraction/employee retention
Full visibility and tracing shipment control
Automate manual processes/eliminate errors
Flexible deployment and architecture options
Local, national and global scope
Most effective approach of its kind (more than 20-year track record of success)

LoadTech is different... and better.

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